Access to the club house

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Access to the facilities

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Terms and conditions for access

  • All new members need to have attended at least 10 club dives within the last year.
  • You need to have a fully paid and registered membership for at least 6 months.
  • You need to have paid for either unlimited filling (500,- NOK) OR equipment storage (500,- NOK) in order to get access to the facilities.

Even though theese requirements are met, the SKD Boardmembers retains the right to deny any applications if we find that nessesary.

Supportive memberships does not give the priveliege of access to the clubhouse. Only full membership or discounted family membership are accepted.

Rental of the facilities are managed only by the Board.

The alarm code and access key will be deactivated in the event of unpaid membership.

If you don`t renew your membership, we kindly ask you to hand in your old key.

If your application is accepted, you will get a personal alarm code and a personal key to access the club house.

By sending in this application, you accept the terms and conditions for Stavanger Diving Club. All terms can be found here (Norwegian):