English information

Hi and welcome to the largest diving club in Stavanger.

This page is meant to give non Norwegian speaking divers a short intro to our club.

We are situated in the middle of Stavanger city at Skipsbryggergata 2B.

Our clubhouse has facilities to accommodate a group of divers and we have 200/300 bar filling and a diving boat just outside the clubhouse.
Stavanger has several interesting dive sites including the walls in Lysefjorden, Jæren and several wrecks both suitable for Trimix and air divers.

If you want to come diving with us or looking for a place to stay over while you dive, you can contact us at: booking(at)stavangerdykk.com


Club dives

Everyone is welcome to our regular club dives three days a  week. No need to sign up in advance, just show up in good time before departure. Place depends on weather and amount of people. Dives on other days will be announced on the forum.

Note that it might be good to check the forum if anyone is actually going, so you know you have a buddy.
Departure Time is time the boat leaves the the club, so make sure you’re in good time – especially if you need to fill air.

Day Departure
Wednesday 19.00
Sunday 11.oo

Price for the boat trips depends on destinations and distance. Usually between 60-110 kr.

Those that are not members of the club have to pay 50 kr for air fill, unless they are staying at the clubhouse.

Remember to bring your diver certification card.

Diving gear: We don’t have any dive gear for rent but can give you advice who to contact.



Membership: 800 NOK pr year
Air filling: 500  NOK pr year

To join our club, fill inn the form under «Medlemskap > Innmelding» or contact us on info(at)stavangerdykk.com

Guest / Accommodation

We can provide accommodation to a group of divers. We have 5 beds, but we also have space for mattresses.
We can not guarantee boat diving, nor provide boats for you as we are dependant on our boat drivers to provide this.

Price pr person is 300,- NOK pr night, and includes unlimited air filling.
Nitrox and Trimix are not available to guests.

Some pictures of our club house and boat
klubbhus lophelia_ved_kai